Is Uncrossing Oil A Full One-Time Cure?

Is Uncrossing Oil A Full One-Time Cure?

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Is your Uncrossing Oil a full cure? meaning once the bottle is done, I wont need it anymore? Or is this more like a ward in the sense of a barrier in which I'm protected only while I have it on and once I stop using it, the hex/voodoo will be back?

ANSWER: The overall ideal is to raise your vibration so you simply CAN'T have bad luck or get jinxed or crossed anymore. That's the ideal and the goal.

That said, most people mix up their vibration from one moment to the next, so they need to keep boosting their vibration with one oil or another, and THAT, frankly, is what keeps my sales up; because most people are not consistent with their own energy or their vibration. So they need constant refreshing of their spell.

In my Curse Breaker Code (which I have just launched), I explain how to keep the energy up closer to ALL THE TIME so you don't ever have to worry about keeping your energy boosted artificially (i.e. using oils).

Until people fully figure that out, the need for this particular Uncrossing Oil is going to continue going gangbusters.

That's all the bad news. The good news is that it certainly works. And I am happy to sell as much as people want for as long as they need it.

Sincerely, Rowan

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