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How Do Twichery Oils Compare to Others?

Question: I stumbled on your page by accident and it seems like you have some pretty good stuff going on here. Before I stumbled on your page I was on another page called [name of competitor] which sells similar conjure oil as you do.

I noticed most of the oils in the description of the oils are similar to theirs and now I'm kind of stuck on which is the better place to buy the oils from. Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks for the question, Linda! I do sell many of the same products as they do over at [name of competitor] and all I can tell you is the difference between our products as far as I know it.

[Other company name] does a good job of combining traditional Hoodoo herbs for their desired effect. They do theirs in bulk and then distribute that bulk-produced product into bottles. They likely do this not by hand, as that would add expense to their product. And this is why their prices are far lower than mine. My oils differ in that I combine each bottle INDIVIDUALLY and BY HAND, making sure each bottle has both the proper ingredients AND is beautiful. I can look at each oil (before I put the label on it) and tell you EXACTLY what oil it is because my ingredients are not chopped up and mixed together in advance. Nor are they ever processed by machines or on an assembly line.

Many of my ingredients I harvest and process by hand in order to preserve their original beauty and essence. I like to make the beauty and content of my products absolutely visible to my customers. I want customers, through my marketing, to see what's inside the bottle. I want them to know that it is fresh, and that I made it the day they ordered it and that I sent it out to them fresh.

The only ones I do not make fresh are the ones that need time to cure. Those are still combined individually, and they are cured over the course of a few weeks. Either way, my heart goes into each one individually, and my customers tell me that that makes a difference not only to them personally but as far as the results of their practice of magick is concerned.

Not everybody needs to see what's inside, of course. So those people will go for the lower price afforded by [other companies]. And they don't care whether it's fresh or not or beautiful or not. It certainly makes the cost of production lower for the end-user, and it is also why I will be raising my prices even higher within the near future.

In trying to cut some of my costs, I have asked customers how they feel about my cutting some corners. Most of them beg me to keep my product hand-harvested, hand-combined, and beautiful. All of this leads me to believe that I have found my true customers, and I can think of no greater joy and satisfaction than to meet their particular needs.

I hope they will feel my love when they look into the depths of the magickal artwork I have combined myself for their use.

I hope this helps, my dear. Please of course lmk if you have any other questions and I am here for you. Sincerely, Rowan at Twichery

Additional Note: And regarding how my product compares with oils made by other witches BY HAND, I cannot claim any superiority at all. Each witch who crafts her oils by hand infuses her oils with her own personality and character and intention, which is unique to each witch. My hat is off to all of these sister (and brother) witches, and I encourage my customers to try the oils of any of these dear comrades in magick. The subtleties are endless, and your experience is bound to be as unique as the person who prepared your wonderful oil.

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