Conjure Oils: Which To Wear and Which Not to Wear on Skin

Conjure Oils: Which To Wear and Which Not to Wear on Skin

If you ever wonder whether or not to wear an oil on your body and if it doesn't say on the label (if it's not one of ours), the following are some guidelines prompted by a question by one of our clients. Thanks for your question, Tara!

Tara: I was wondering if I might wear this Deadly Attraction oil? Is it safe for use on skin?

Hi, Tara!

Yes, this one's wearable. Just remember always to do a skin-test first. The following are some good guidelines for whether or not to wear an oil, and they apply to all of my products. I cannot speak necessarily for others' products but the following are the traditional guidelines for whether or not to use a conjure oil on the body:

* If the oil was created with the intent to DRAW SOMETHING INTO YOUR LIFE, you can almost always wear the oil on your body. This applies to all of our oils labeled "for external use only," including all the oils in our Love, Enchantment, Sex and Marriage Collection, our Luck and Prosperity Collection, and our Personal & Family Oils Collection 

* If the oil is created with the intent to PUSH SOMETHING AWAY FROM YOU or to get something OUT of your life, it is NOT an anointing oil but rather a "dressing" oil, not to be used on the body at all, but well-suited to candle-dressing and other such spells. This applies to all of the oils in our Dark Arts Collection and our Protection & Legal Collection. If you're using an oil for vengeance or cursing or getting rid of a bad habit, you can place the oil on something else for your spell, such as a paint brush or a spoon; those oils often have yucky stuff in them or ingredients that will burn the skin.  

* We recommend our Spirit Guides Collection, primarily for dressing candles, relics, icons, and magical tools simply because that's the best application for them. They can be used on skin, but that's not what they are formulated for. For example, Abramelin Oil is primarily for purifying ritual tools before and after rituals. (It also contains cinnamon, which can burn the skin.)

* Our Ritual & Elemental Oils are a mixture; some labeled for external use only and others not for use on skin. In the case of our Ritual & Elemental Oils, always read the label first.

Some Final Words

* The one stipulation with any oil you would like to use on your skin is that you PERFORM A SKIN TEST FIRST, because any oil can still irritate potentially if you have sensitive skin or if you happen to be allergic to one of the ingredients. If you are in doubt, remember you can ALWAYS use an oil as a candle-dressing. Based on your intention and ritual, candle dressing can be every bit as powerful as wearing an oil on your skin!

If you forget the guidelines here with any of our oils, just remember you can and should always read the label first because each will either say "For External Use Only" or "Not For Use On Skin!" 

The most important thing to remember when performing any ritual is, of course, to do all your homework in advance so you know exactly how to use the oil for your most effective and satisfying magical experience and outcome. 

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

Sincerely, Rowan

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