Combing Oils, Choosing Deities, Crafting Your Spells

Combing Oils, Choosing Deities, Crafting Your Spells

Using oils and crafting spells is best performed using the language of symbolism, and it's a language most people already know subconsciously. The following exchange I had with one of our dear clients may be of help in helping you recognize that you already have a grip of symbolic language unconsciously, and that that knowledge can be transformed fairly easily into a conscious and practical understanding. I am simply cutting and pasting our exchange here with a few edits:

Amelia: I have a question: Can I add Jezebel Oil to the ritual/spell you suggested, along with the Follow Me Boy Oil? Or just use the Follow Me Boy Oil for this? I'm asking because I want to attract a wealthy generous man for a relationship who is 100% faithful to me. Thanks in advance for your reply!

Rowan: Indeed you can, and I'll tell you the most important guideline for combining oils in spell crafting so you will always have it for reference:


The main thing to remember is that you ARE SPELL CRAFTING. And there is an art to it.

A lot of people treat conjure like a quick magical fix. Indeed it CAN be a quick magical fix IF you know what you're doing. Just the same as riding a bike can be a quick fix for transportation if you've been walking everywhere. But you need to know the basics of balance and you have to know where you're going in order to have a successful bike ride. 


The most important part of that art, by far, is first making sure 1) you are 100% clear with your intention. You have got to know what you want and how you want it to show up for you. Otherwise you leave the whole thing up to your deities' interpretation of what you're requesting. And it might not even be what you intended. It shouldn't just be "I want a new man in my life." What does that even mean, after all? What kind of man? Is it okay if it ends up being an abusive man or a measly man? Can it be the next man that walks up the street? Of course not. So know what you want.


The second most important part of spell crafting is to 2) know what each oil is formulated to communicate to your deities. It is ONLY THEN that you should decide which oils you want to combine.

Your oils and your ritual and your deities will bring to you WHATEVER your spell "SAYS." So you must make sure your spell and the oils you are using "SAY" to your deities EXACTLY what you want them to say. That way your deities and the spirits they command are petitioned and commanded properly, according to your actual wishes, and not something random that comes about as the result of your own unorganized thoughts. Otherwise your spell will bring you something you didn't know you were requesting.

I can give one example of this from another client of mine that could have turned out badly, but fortunately it didn't. At least not too badly. But it's a good lesson. She was performing a fertility ritual. Because she had bought several oils from us, she accidentally picked up our Follow Me Boy Oil instead of the Fertility Oil for her ritual and had already dropped a few drops of it into her fertility ritual vessel AFTER she started the ceremony. She knew what both oils were for. She just didn't notice she had chosen the wrong one. She noticed the mistake right after she used it; that it was Follow Me Boy Oil. But, being in a hurry, she decided not to wash the vessel and start over (which is what she should have done). She just grabbed the Fertility Oil and added it. Of course she conceived and of course (because she had put Follow Me Boy oil into the vessel) it was indeed a BOY. She had NOT intended that, of course. But that's what she ASKED FOR. Because she combined those oils. And that was precisely the symbolic message she communicated to her deities!

A few years later she realized that this child was 100% obedient to her every wish. ALL THE TIME. He did luckily have a will of his own with other people and by himself. But he never had his own will when it came to her wishes. He always put her first. So she has had to be very very careful not to abuse the fact that he's completely obedient to her TO THIS VERY DAY. She didn't KNOW she was asking for that. She didn't INTEND it. But that is what she GOT because that's what her oils "said." Whether she knew it or not, it's what she actually asked for and what her deities understood from her ritual.

Always remember that not all deities are mind-readers!!! In fact, very few are.

So that's the lesson and precisely why I am very careful about what oils I combine and how I craft my ritual. I don't like leaving anything up to chance. I have found (with experience) that some deities will take what you say literally whether you mean it literally or not. So that's why I'm careful with all of it.


I select my deities CAREFULLY. And I never appeal to any deity that would take my words and twist them. Loki, for example, would do that. So I go with more stable and wise deities. I choose Athena OFTEN. Because she is stable and wise. She has given me things that I shouldn't have asked for so I'd learn a lesson and I know that about her. But she has never done anything out of spite or to hurt me. So I always make sure I'm in sync with her wisdom. 

Whatever you do, don't let any of this carefulness scare you off. Practice makes perfect. Each spell will lead you closer to becoming a wise spell crafter. If you remember the Wiccan Rede, you will do just fine. 

Blessings! I'm excited about your journey!

Amelia: WOW indeed VERY powerful! And it all makes perfectly clear sense. I am so glad I message you to have this clear mind set when I start to perform this spell. I plan to wait for the NEW MOON, which will be this coming Saturday. So thank you for explaining in detail. I will follow your guidelines for future reference.

I was actually planing on invoking the powerful assistance of APHRODITE for finding NEW AND TRUE LOVE, what are your thoughts on this, although I know FRIDAY will be a good day to perform such spell for this Goddess but being that NEW MOON PHASE lands this Saturday I figure why not do it that night. Btw, I just bought ATTRACTION OIL to combine with Follow Me Boy and Jezebel for this, I think it's a powerful combination, yes? :)

Rowan: Aphrodite is wonderful for this. I have my own preference which is usually to combine deities as well, and I do this by thinking symbolically. For example, I am a very family-oriented person. For me, true love has a lot to do with raising a family together. So when I did my attraction spell all that time ago, I requested the assistance of Aphrodite, Athena and Hestia. I petitioned Aphrodite for the eroticism and romance using Deadly Attraction Oil. I petitioned Athena that the relationship might be wise and sensible using Goddess of Wisdom Oil. I petitioned Hestia using Divine Hestia Oil (one of my own formulations) so the relationship would be family-oriented. Basically I petitioned every goddess that represented my primary values. (Yes, I am overkill about everything!) But you do get what you wish for, so I packed it full.

The good thing about doing it this way is that it forces you to articulate very clearly what you're looking for and asking for. If someone does not fit your key values, you're not even tempted by him. It's more about crafting your desires and yourself than anything else. YOU are the prize. Spell crafting makes you more keenly aware of who you are and the direction you intend to go with your life.

Amelila: AWESOME! You just cleared a doubt I had in the back of my mind. Just recently, when working with St. Martha I came across a powerful prayer when I was trying to figure things out to perform a powerful spell for a legal matter. So my spirit guide showed me alternative ways, invoking the assistance of 3 archangels as well, and I thought to myself, what if St. Martha feels I doubt her power if I also invoke other deities or in this case the archangels?? But I feel it adds power to the spell by invoking the assistance of other deities as well. 

Rowan: I have a little bit to say about that as well. St. Martha is a very very mature saint; it would be IMPOSSIBLE for her to take offense. If you choose your deities and saints and sages well (as you have clearly done), you will NEVER have to worry about that kind of pettiness. If you study out your deities/saints/sages, YOU WILL KNOW THEIR CHARACTER. Their character will, in turn, craft your character. It's the same as wisely choosing your company. If you choose petty people to hang around with, you will surely have drama. But if you are a no-drama person and you choose sensible and wise company, you will be minimizing the potential drama that people can bring into your life.










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