Can a Woman Use Pickup Artist Oil?

Can a Woman Use Pickup Artist Oil?

I formerly had our Pickup Artist Oil listed as being "For Men," but then a woman asked me if she could use it, so here's the guideline: This is a very very very DOMINANT oil. All you need to do is ask yourself if, within the seduction, you wish to be the dominant one. If the answer is yes, then by all means go ahead and use this oil on yourself as-is.

Our text-book traditional formula contains herbs and essential oils that are all geared toward masculine-type dominance. If a woman is interested in male-style dominance, then by all means this is EXACTLY what the oil you're looking for.

Our Pickup Artist Oil is perfect when you want to seduce someone you don't know very well; namely for the purpose of pickup artistry. BUT that's NOT to say that it can't be used just as effectively with someone you know well, nor is it to say that a woman can't use it.

If, on the other hand, you wish to be the submissive one, you'd either need to use a different oil (I'd recommend Passion & Seduction Oil) that leaves you in the submissive role OR change the spell you use with it. 

And Here's How You Can Change the Spell 

You could JUST AS WELL perform your spell/ritual in such a way that it provokes ALL of those dominant feelings (as listed) in the other person--so that THEY have the added confidence, charisma, and fire to seduce you. You would just have to perform your spell IN THAT WAY; so that you're not using the oil on yourself, but rather you're using it to boost the other person's desire to dominate and seduce you.

The way to go about that would be NOT to anoint yourself but to dress a candle that represents the person you want to seduce you. Do that at home, before you see the person. Then find a way to have a drop of that oil get onto that person's skin. If it's somebody you're already close to, a couple drops of the oil in a massage oil should EASILY do the trick, and then right on the back of the neck. You certainly WON'T be leaving the house that night, that's for sure. (And you'd better eat first, otherwise you can just forget about dinner.)

But WARNING! If it's somebody you're not living with and you will be in the presence of other people, then YOU MUST be the one to actually dab it on the person's skin. Otherwise they'll just be a hot mess and go after whomever else might be around, and that would be a disaster of course.

If you absolutely CAN'T put the oil on the other person physically, then I would go the voodoo doll route all the way with dolls to represent the both of you. I'd be careful and elaborate and specific with this so as to make sure your target seriously has blinders on that make it impossible for him/her to see anybody but YOU.

So get creative with this! We're SOOOOOOOOO excited to hear your story about how all this plays out for you!!!! Email us and we'll share your story right on the listing (with your permission only, of course)!

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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