Break the Curse By Accessing Your Dreamscapes and Deities

Break the Curse By Accessing Your Dreamscapes and Deities

I had a client recently tell me that someone wanted $700 to remove an old family curse that was wreaking havoc in her life. I'm here to tell you if someone needs $700 to remove a curse from you, they're probably more interested in your money than they are in actually helping you move on with your life.

I have always been on the do-it-yourselfer's side of magick, and that's why I do what I do. Because most of the time it just takes a little guidance. You don't even need any oils for starters. If you've asked your deity to reveal to you where the curse has come from and the answer hasn't come yet, it's likely you're not hearing it, so I would look for the answer in your dreams, but you will have to be specific with your deity and convince them that you're ready for whatever hard truth comes out of the asking. And then be ready.

My first recommendation is to pray to your deity and ask directly where the curse came from. Explain to him/her the symptoms of the curse and express your desire to make amends if there are any to be made. Sometimes curses come to you tied directly to your DNA and you may have personally had absolutely nothing to do with it. Others were, at one time, deserved, and they stick to the DNA and get passed down through the generations. So ask your deity where the curse came from and what you need to do to have it removed. Request that it be revealed in your dreams. So write all this down:

1) Explain the symptoms of your curse.

2) Ask where the curse came from and why.

3) Ask what you need to do to have it removed.

Write all the details of these things down and lay them at your bedside before you go to sleep. Have pen and paper ready to write down your dreams as soon as you can.

If, within a couple days, you don't receive an instructive dream that reveals the answer to you, THEN I would order a Dream Oil (which you can order from me if you like). Then do the same thing you were doing before except include the Dream Oil in your prayer ritual. Inhale the fragrance deeply. After a skin-test, anoint your forehead and dress a small candle with it (it can even be a little birthday candle) and then light it during your prayer. Make sure you cover all three points in your prayer.

Once the candle is out, lay down and say to your deity, "I am open. Reveal the truth to me." And keep saying it until you fall asleep.

Be prepared to remember something you had long since forgotten or never even knew that might disturb you, because that often happens.

Be prepared to write down all the details of your dream. If you need an interpretation, you can take it to an interpreter or Tarot reader, but often you will automatically already know the interpretation AND you'll know what to do about it.

How This Works In Practice

I have a client who came to me once knowing she had been cursed but she didn't know where it had come from nor how to have it undone. She did the very thing I'm telling you; searched her dreams. In her case, it did take the Dream Oil because up to that point, she had had difficulty remembering her dreams.

Within the next several nights, her deity was able to search her past and walk her back to a time where she had been present when her father had taken the life of an animal. She had been very traumatized by it and remembered that as the animal was dying, it was looking HER right in the eyes. In the animal's despair and sorrow, it had just latched on to the first pair of eyes it saw and its curse (in spite of her innocence) had attached itself to her.

This was an incredibly traumatic memory for my client; something she had tried to bury because of the damage it had inflicted on her own psyche. But she was now in a mature place to deal with it.

The instruction she received from the deity of the animal (whom she also met in the dream) was to make amends to a shrine that represented the life of that animal. She couldn't go back to the original place, but with the help of her deity, she was able to use the shrine to transcend space and time and return there in the spirit. This she did (interestingly) in the office of her psychotherapist because she would have had difficulty facing that memory all by herself. 

Her deity and the deity of the animal brought them together into that original spot where they were able to finally meet and reconcile. The animal also instructed her to go to an animal shelter and take home a particular little dog from that place, which she did with all her heart, as that was part of the healing process for both of them.

My point of telling you this story is that with the help of your deity (and maybe a psychotherapist as well and a session or two with a Tarot reader), you can find out where your curse is from and be a participant in the healing that comes from having it removed. You may not even need a psychotherapist or a Tarot reader. You just need to start the ball rolling and see where it leads. 

A Tarot reading is, of course, always helpful either before or after you begin your quest. Or both. But you sure as heck shouldn't need to spend $700 to begin work that you could easily begin (and maybe even mostly finish) yourself!

Always remember that if you have a special work to do, your deity will need you sharp for it and will be abundantly willing to help you in your quest to remove any curse that keeps you unable to perform your holy work.

I leave my blessing with you that you will find your path!

Sincerely, Rowan

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