Avoid Casting Counterspells!

QUESTION: How long does this take to work? I'm meaning with the Wealth & Prosperity Oil. I'm not seeing results yet.

ANSWER: The results time varies from person to person with all the oils. I've had people message me that they've worked within the hour of using them. Others have messaged me in frustration that they didn't work and then messaged me a month later apologizing. 

You can stack the deck in your favor, however. I'm finding the common thread to be making sure to remove any counterspells. What I mean by that is most people find themselves accidentally inserting counterspells, which means they unconsciously (not thinking) work a spell that goes directly against the spell they just cast.

For example, if I wanted to attract a new partner the spell would be to attract a new partner. The COUNTERSPELL (which I have definitely been guilty of myself) is thinking, "What if this doesn't work." The Universe hear "What if this doesn't work" ALSO as a spell. And when the Universe hears BOTH of those as spells, it ends up giving me some blah result in between "this works" and "this doesn't work." namely a lot of blah and sort-of committed partners.

So the key is to stack the deck TOTALLY IN FAVOR OF YOUR SPELL and let no doubts enter.
One little extra point about the Wealth & Prosperity Oil is that true wealth and prosperity are a long-term objective so most people are automatically thinking long-term when they use the Wealth & Prosperity Oil. So if you do want something for money manifestation QUICKLY, I would go instead with the Luck & Fast Money Quikspell Oil; because it works WITH your brain in "let's-do-this-quickly" mode.

Of course this is an ongoing work for all of us because we're always having to weed out our own counterspells. But we get better and better at it day by day.
I appreciate the question and I hope any spell you consciously cast will manifest soon and exactly as you cast them.

Sincerely, Rowan
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