A Visit to My Hovel in the Forest

A Visit to My Hovel in the Forest

I have ordered a few oils from other places and I think I've figured out the main difference. It's that I put my herbs into the bottles individually and by hand, one at a time. Which means I don't throw a bunch of chopped up dried herbs into a bowl and then scoop the mix into bottles; I add every single herb to each bottle BY HAND MYSELF. And wherever possible, I harvested the herbs myself.

I do it this way because the quality and quantities genuinely matter, the presentation matters, and of course, most of all, the individual witchly attention to each potion HUGELY MATTERS. I make each potion fresh when you order it (unless it's one of the beauties that needs to rot some first!), and then take it to the post office myself. 

I like to put each bottle together as if you were coming to me in my hovel in the forest and requesting a special potion.

It might appear to be all about what my customers think (which is certainly part of it) but mostly I do it for myself because I love the beauty of this craft. I'm a witch and I always intend to be one; and not a manager of some factory.

The end of all this, I pray, is that you will feel as deeply blessed by me as I feel by your trusting me with your hopes and dreams and destiny. It is no small gesture, and I appreciate it!

Sincerely, Rowan

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