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Attraction Spray (4 oz.)

Attraction Spray (4 oz.)

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Put the Law of Attraction to Work for YOU!

We've formulated Twichery's Attraction Spray to attune both you and your environment to the abundance of The Universe.

The uplifting and invigorating fragrance of our Attraction Spray awakens, focuses and heightens all your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual senses, including even the subconscious, getting you ready to receive that new romance, the change of luck, or the inflow of prosperity you have been seeking to manifest. It is time to prepare yourself to receive everything the Universe has in store for you!

Use Twichery Attraction Spray to prep your room for meditation, yoga, t'ai chi or any other mental exercise devoted to transcendence of the physical.

Excellent as a spray for linens to prepare your mind for productive dream states and releasing emotional baggage from the subconscious.

Watch roadblocks that may have hindered you in the past simply drift away, leaving you free to experience the abundance the Universe has in store for you!

Some of our therapist clients use our Attraction Spray for their clients as a mental state changer. Use it to prepare your clients' minds to open themselves to what they are about to learn. They simply spray it in the room right before the client comes in.

We look forward to hearing what The Law of Attraction brings into your life!

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

Ingredients: In addition to Twichery Attraction Oil, our Attraction Spray also includes a base of purified water, disodium edta, polysorbate-20, dmdm hydantoin and benzophenone-4. External use only. Skin test on a small, inconspicuous spot before using on skin, if at all. Do not use on skin if you know you have sensitivities to any of these ingredients.

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