If You Said "Nature," You Are Exactly Right!

The Power of Mother Nature and the Wisdom of the Ancients

To be even more precise, Twichery oils are a revelatory synthesis of the grand powers of Mother Earth and the mystical symbols of the Ancients. With this divine combination, we bring you the most authentic and potent esoteric oils available in the modern world.

Did you know that some of the best-selling so-called "magical oils" are literally thrown together in factories (not even kidding) and have the words "Fragrance" and "D&C Yellow #10" and "Duoprime 70" (whatever the hell that is) printed shamelessly on the front of them? It would be a terrific joke if it weren't true. These companies hope if they put food coloring and chemicals and a couple dried herbs in a cool looking bottle and call it magick, enough people will fall for it to keep them in business. And unfortunately they are often right. 

My friends, at Twichery we know that some people (i.e. YOU) are serious about their destiny and insist on far better!

At Twichery, wherever possible, we have HAND-GATHERED YOUR INGREDIENTS OURSELVES (ACTUAL herbs, roots, flowers, and resins) IN SEASON; from the local organic gardens of friends who would no sooner spray pesticides on their plants than they would on their children.

Our oils are formulated and combined by REAL WITCHES in our very own kitchens; and never never EVER in a factory or warehouse, God forbid.

At Twichery, we NEVER use artificial colors or fragrances or dyes in ANY of our oils. Any colors you see in our oils come DIRECTLY from nature--the pigment of an orange rind, a stick of cinnamon, etc.

Any fragrances in our oils come DIRECTLY from plants and/or plant essences.

Made To Order FOR YOU

Each Twichery Oil (unless otherwise specified on its listing) is MADE TO ORDER. Meaning you order it, and we CREATE it the very day we send it to you. We use traditional Hoodoo formulas that have been passed down to us for generations. We lovingly hand-craft each bottle FRESH, and only AFTER we've printed up your shipping label.

Unlike some other companies, we don't just throw a bunch of herbs into a tub and mix them up in batches and scoop them into bottles. At Twichery, we hand-combine each and every bottle INDIVIDUALLY and we make certain that this fact is EVIDENT when you look in the bottle. We encourage you to purchase one of our competitor's bottles and compare it with one of ours and you can easily see this with your own eyes. Each Twichery Oil is considered a work of art by its craftswoman and is treated as such.

What Does "Cured for Maximum Potency" Mean?

The only time we make an oil in advance is when that's THE right way to do it. You will know when an oil is not made fresh because we will state that specifically on its listing on our website as "Cured for Maximum Potency," meaning that it is had plenty of time for all the herbs to thoroughly BLEND TOGETHER. (Note: Some oils MUST have time to "cure" in order to be effective in your spell.)

The Power of Ancient Symbols

Some of our oils contain human-made elements that are symbolic; open safety pins, glitter, crosses, images. At Twichery, we embrace the power of symbolism in these forms as they add both to the beauty, character, and magickal potency of our oils, and ultimately to the efficacy of your spells. Symbolism is the language of the Gods, and we wish to employ every possible means to help you commune with your deities!

Your Problems Get OUR Attention

At Twichery, the term "Customer Service" means when you leave us a message, we respond within 24 hours. Sometimes, if it's at all possible, we will respond immediately. If you're even FLIRTING with buying one of our oils, we are available not only to support our product but to support YOU. There is no reason AT ALL you should be left to figure out everything on your own, neither in magick nor in life in general.

A Note About Price

Twichery Oils do cost more than other companies' oils and that's because it's the only way we can afford to offer the care and service we do. There are PLENTY of businesses out there shooting for hurried, profit-driven efficiency. We have ZERO interest in competing with them. If we cannot do this work with love and consciousness, then, for us, there is no point in doing it at all. 

Why JUST Oils?

Sometimes people ask us why we don't sell a greater variety of products like our competitors do, and it's precisely because our ONLY interest is to provide our dear customers and clients with the highest quality magickal and ceremonial oils on the planet. 

We are insanely passionate about this. We know you are trusting us to do this ONE thing EXTREMELY well. And we intend NEVER to let you down. 

    Passionately and Sincerely Yours,

    Rowan at Twichery









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