Halloween Pre-Order Wholesale Brooms & Besoms

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BESOM AND A BROOM? A besom is a traditional round broom, often known as a "witch broom." The broomcorn on a flat broom is stitched flat and covers a greater surface area for sweeping, whereas the besom is stitched in a narrow, cylindrical manner, making it slightly more aerodynamic.

NOT SURE WHICH STYLE IS RIGHT FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS? We recommend buying bunches of each! And there is no better time than pre-Halloween. You get 1) totally free shipping, 2) an adorable discount on each broom/besom, and 3) the absolute assurance that your babies will arrive in a timely manner for THE BEST Holiday of the year. While others are scrambling last-minute, you'll be sipping tea in a comfy chair with your feet on a jack-o-lantern!