You Are Nothing! Oil:  Immediately Change the Relationship with Narcissists, Gaslighters, Cursers

You Are Nothing! Oil: Immediately Change the Relationship with Narcissists, Gaslighters, Cursers

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NOTE: Do NOT do this spell until you are absolutely ready for the relationship to change for good, otherwise it can have the opposite effect of strengthening their hold over you.

Part of the reason we have problems with people who curse us (in one way or another) is that THEY have defined the relationship as their having power over us. It's as much a problem within our heads as it is in theirs, and that happens to us often because we are (or have been) too nice. We are willing to see the good in them and they exploit that weakness; they simply are not going to have a relationship with someone that is mutually beneficial in any healthy way.

The spell for using this oil is quite involved and it entails YOU going into the dreams of the other person and redefining the relationship in such a way that YOU reclaim power over yourself and take away the staff of power they wield over you. You then bring that staff back to YOURSELF through visualization. This is NOT an easy spell to to do, so if you are weak in your ability to visualize, you will need to PRACTICE THAT FIRST. (Note: If you don't already have a way of doing this, use both our Spell Breaker and Power Breaker Oils. And see this blog post: )

When someone has a hold on you, it creates a connection. You must use this connection to climb your way into their dreams--exactly what they have been doing to you in the other direction during their waking hours.

It is important to order this oil RIGHT before you're ready to use it. It MUST be fresh. So don't order it until you're ready to use it. Have your ritual/spell written out FIRST, and then order the oil. I will make it right before I send it to you. Immediately REFRIGERATE IT because it will need to be COLD, and use all of it within 24 hours.

You will be anointing a candle with it and drawing the oil DOWNWARD ONLY while using the flame as a surrogate for their eyes. You LOOK INTO THE FLAME and state such affirmations as "You are nothing!" "You have no power over me." "I am in charge now." "Any spell you cast at me will return to you and bind you to your demon." Be sure to write down everything you want said before you say it. Have it all ready.

The next day the person you confronted in their dreams WILL BE PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTED. This side-effect is TEMPORARY. It will not demoralize them any more than they are usually demoralized. But it will definitely redefine their relationship with you and they will not be able to mess with you as they have previously done. You will also note that your personal power becomes stronger day by day thereafter.

Remember: This formula is for candle dressing ONLY; NEVER to be used on skin. I recommend GLOVES.

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