Waxing Crescent Moon-Spun Twine: For Spells to Draw Out the Best Within You and Others
Waxing Crescent Moon-Spun Twine: For Spells to Draw Out the Best Within You and Others

Waxing Crescent Moon-Spun Twine: For Spells to Draw Out the Best Within You and Others

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Best Spells for Waxing Crescent Moon Spin

A Waxing Crescent Moon is best suited for spells for drawing out the best in someone (including yourself) and magnifying it. Consider what you want from and for yourself internally BEFORE you begin creating in the external world. The Waxing Crescent Moon is best for bringing out and enhancing your spiritual talents and gifts.

  • self-love, self-discipline, patience
  • learning a new spiritual talent
  • gathering strength for a task or quest
  • more feelings of love toward others
  • improving your skill in any area of life
The Waxing Crescent Moon is for spells that draw out the best in yourself and/or in others.

Twichery Waxing Crescent Moon-Spun Twine is perfect when you need the power of a Waxing Crescent Moon in a pinch!

Bringing You the Moon You Need When You Need it!

When your spell or ritual must be done on a night that doesn't bring the moon you need, Twichery Moon-Spun Twines are the perfect fix. Just circle your altar work with the Twichery Moon-Spun Twine that corresponds with your intention. Our moon-spun twines are perfect for  your next special intention, ritual, spell work, or any other witchy purpose.  

How We Create Our Moon-Spun Twines

By hand, we lovingly drop-spin deosil (clockwise) the 100% wool and moonlight of every fiber of our luscious Cosmic Twines outdoors and in the moonlight of the night specified. As we spin, we seal that specific moonlight energy into every single fiber with our incantation and blessing.

Each spool comes to you . . .
  • with the standard cord magic length of 9 feet plus some. (Custom lengths and/or widdershins i.e. counter clockwise spinning available upon request.)
  • labeled with its specific moon, date of spinning, and the name of the spinner who spun it.
(Note: If you would like the moon-spun twine for any particular date in years past, let us know and we will see if we have any of it left.)

Please see our other Moon-Spun Twine listings for new, waxing, full, and waning moon twines. Or feel free to contact us to custom spin and store the cosmic magic of whatever date you choose into the wool of your choice. Whatever your intention and needs, Twichery has the perfect Moon-Spun Twine for YOU!   

By Knot of One, This Spell's Begun!

Twichery Cosmic Twines: Making Your Magick Even More Magickal! 

Note: Any irregularities and inconsistencies in the spin, texture and color of each twine are the charming result of good old-fashioned human interaction with the natural wool fibers and are intended to be celebrated, appreciated, and enjoyed.

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