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Uncrossing Oil: Shield Against Curses, Hexes, Psychic Attacks, Jinxes, Negativity

Uncrossing Oil: Shield Against Curses, Hexes, Psychic Attacks, Jinxes, Negativity

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NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend our Uncrossing Oil as a staple for anyone involved in Spirit Work. And for novices in that area, if you don't buy OUR Uncrossing Oil, then for Jupiter's sake PLEASE BUY SOMEONE'S Uncrossing Oil BEFORE you perform any such work.

And on a lighter note . . . if you are especially sensitive to the unconscious negative energies of other people, our Uncrossing Oil is FOR YOU!

The most common praise we get from our clients regarding our Uncrossing Oil is that negativity from other people simply doesn't have the effect it formerly had on them; one day their co-worker's negativity is unbearable and debilitating, the next day it's like they're working with an entirely different person. And the negative person didn't even change. We hear this again and again. One of our customers even approached the "formerly negative person" and thanked him for the changes he had made, to which he responded, "I don't even know what you're talking about." We suspect our Uncrossing Oil just blocks out any negative psychic energy so it has no effect whatsoever.

It even works with children going through their "terrible twos." Parents are still attentive to the child's needs, but the whining simply doesn't bother them as it did before.

Of course our Uncrossing Oil is still great for undoing curses, hexes and jinxes should you find yourself bothered with such. We hear those testimonials as well. Some of our customers have even said our Uncrossing formula simply makes them impenetrable. Linda (one of our customers in San Bernadino) has reported, "Your Uncrossing Oil is to curses what SPF 50 sunscreen is to sun!"

What's Inside?

Our full-strength Uncrossing Oil contains all the standard herbal elements of traditional Uncrossing formulas (including Rue and Hyssop, of course) PLUS our own "secret sauce" blended specifically for this Uncrossing formula)

Note: This oil smells primarily of garlic and peppermint. 

Note: This oil is *cured for maximum potency!

You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of conjure oil.

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Additional Important Information


* What does "Cured for Maximum Potency" mean?

The only time we make an oil in advance is when that's THE right way to do it. You will know when an oil is not made fresh because we will state that specifically on its listing on our website as "Cured for Maximum Potency," meaning that it is had plenty of time for all the herbs to thoroughly BLEND TOGETHER. (Note: Some oils MUST have time to "cure" in order to be effective in your spell.)


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