Uncrossing "FRESH" OIL: NEW Non-Garlic Formula! Remove Hexes, Curses, Jinxes
Uncrossing "FRESH" OIL: NEW Non-Garlic Formula! Remove Hexes, Curses, Jinxes

Uncrossing "FRESH" OIL: NEW Non-Garlic Formula! Remove Hexes, Curses, Jinxes

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Dear Customers, we've heard your request for a daily-wear Twichery Uncrossing Oil without garlic! Our Uncrossing "FRESH" is just as powerful as our original formula but without the garlic. Suitable as always for candle dressing and can be used on skin! And as always FREE SHIPPING, of course! :)

Click here for our REGULAR Uncrossing formula WITH garlic.

The Power of Twichery Uncrossing Oil

Is it really a curse or just a streak of bad luck? The answer to this question, most of the time, is that you simply don't know. So why risk it? Whether it truly is just a glitch in your luck lately or someone has actually placed a curse on you, our Uncrossing Oil will take care of it either way. Done.

Uncrossing Oil is also excellent as a staple for anyone involved in Spirit Work. And for novices in that area, if you don't buy OUR Uncrossing Oil, then for Jupiter's sake PLEASE BUY SOMEONE'S BEFORE you perform any such work.

Of course Twichery's Uncrossing Oil is still great for undoing curses, hexes and jinxes should you find yourself bothered with such. We hear those testimonials as well. Some of our customers have even said our Uncrossing formula simply makes them impenetrable. Linda (one of our customers in San Bernadino) has reported, "Twichery's Uncrossing Oil is to curses what SPF 50 sunscreen is to sun!"

This Twichery Uncrossing FRESH Oil is cured for maximum potency.*

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Additional Important Information


* What does "Cured for Maximum Potency" mean?

The only time we make an oil in advance is when that's THE right way to do it. You will know when an oil is not made fresh because we will state that specifically on its listing on our website as "Cured for Maximum Potency," meaning that it is had plenty of time for all the herbs to thoroughly BLEND TOGETHER. (Note: Some oils MUST have time to "cure" in order to be effective in your spell.)


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