Twichery Uncrossing Bath Ritual Spell Kit

Twichery Uncrossing Bath Ritual Spell Kit

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There are negative residual energies all around us and some of us are more sensitive to them than others. Don't let your spiritual sensitivity be a burden by picking up on every random piece of energetic garbage. Twichery's Uncrossing Spell Kit creates a magickal barrier between you and the energies that simply don't serve you while preserving your own unique spiritual sensitivities to the energies and people and work that are important to you. 

Our Uncrossing Spell Kit comes with enough supplies for MULTIPLE spells so if you want to perform a ritual for a friend or loved one or simply want to refresh your original spell, there's PLENTY.

And if you would like to add an Uncrossing Spray for the ability to refresh your spell in any new environment, you can find both the .5 ounce and the 4 ounce HERE!

Your Twichery Uncrossing Spell Kit comes with complete instructions and contains the following:

Twichery Uncrossing Conjure Oil (.5 ounce)

Twichery Uncrossing Bath Salts (6 ounces)

Twichery Uncrossing Spell Powder Herbal Blend (.68 ounce)

Plain brown paper for packaging and spell-casting purposes

1 white candle

Twichery Uncrossing Spell Instructions

Don't let random negative energies spoil your life or your day or even one MINUTE of your precious time! Twichery has got you COVERED!

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