Twichery Ten Mothers Powder contains herbs symbolizing the Great Mothers all the world's greatest traditions. Especially potent for protecting the innocent. Wicca Pagan Hoodoo Voodoo Traditional Witchcraft
Twichery Ten Mother's Powder is for protecting the innocent and banishing evil entities from sacred spaces. Hoodoo Traditional Witchcraft Art Root Crafting

Ten Mothers Protection Powder: For Protecting the Innocent, & Banishing Evil Entities

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Twichery Ten Mothers Powder contains the sacred herbs of TEN Mother Goddesses from all over the world charged with the protection of women and children and all individuals in need. It is especially potent when used in candle dressing with our Fiery Wall of Protection Oil.

Our Ten Mothers Herbal Powder is suitable for all white magick purposes, but can be easily converted to the use of darker work with a drop of our Graveyard Dirt Dark Arts Blend.


The Ten Mother Goddesses of Twichery Ten Mothers Herbal Powder are as follows:

  • Bast: The Egyptian cat goddess who protected mothers and their newborn children. --CINNAMON
  • Brighid: The Celtic hearth goddess known to watch over women in childbirth.--OAK BARK 
  • Demeter: The Greek Mother Goddess who dove straight into the bowels of the Underworld to rescue her stolen child.--PENNYROYAL
  • Mina Koya: The Navajo Goddess of protection of home against harsh weather. She is also known as Salt Woman. --SALT
  • Freyia: The Norse goddess of abundance, fertility and war. She can be called upon for assistance in childbirth and conception, to aid with marital problems, or to provide nourishment in times of need.--WHITE PEPPERCORN
  • Oshun: The Yoruba Goddess known as the protector, saviour, and nurturer of humanity.--YARROW
  • Kuan Yin: The the Chinese Buddhist goddess of compassion, mercy and healing. She is the patron and protector of women, children, sailors and artisans and those who are imprisoned. Her name is translated as the being who hears the cries of the world.--WILLOW BARK
  • Minerva: Roman Goddess of defensive war--MULBERRY
  • Hecate: The Greek Dark Goddess and protector of Witches. She is also considered THE Goddess of GARLIC!

It's lighter uses are for spells associated with protection/cleansing, nourishment, relieving anxiety, and repelling supernatural forces such as vampires and anyone who would prey on the innocent. This is where it REALLY shines. 

Ten Mothers Powder can easily be used as a concentrate by adding it into two quarts of salt, mixed in well, and sprinkled around the perimeter of your home or in corners of bedrooms. It is especially comforting for children if they SEE you do this and if you sing a calming lullaby as you do it. Note: If you do use it this way, be sure to share with friends because the power of your Mother Goddesses grow exponentially when shared among other mothers and caregivers, most especially the power of Hecate!

As a Floor Sweep

Twichery Ten Mothers is wonderful used as a floor-sweep. Just combine the following:

1 t. Ten Mothers Herbal Blend

1 c. baking soda and with

1 T. Kosher Salt.

You can call upon ANY great woman from history or scripture or mythology while using Ten Mothers Herbal Powder and she will come to your aid. Biblical figures such as Esther, Martha, and Huldah the Prophetess are especially sensitive to this powder and will come with the mere whisper of their names over the open bottle.

Darker Uses of Ten Mothers

It's darker uses are for controlling spells and to stimulate lust. If you place a single drop of Graveyard Dirt Dark Arts Blend with it, it converts the powder it touches to your darker purposes.

Employ the fierce love and protection of your Mother Goddesses in all your holy work! We are so pleased to be a part of your spiritual journey!


You will receive one .68 ounce bottle of Twichery Ten Mothers Herbal Powder

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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