Tangerine Happiness: Lighten Up Your Life in One Magickally Fruity Swoop!
Twichery Tangerine Happiness brings you the simple peace and happiness of childhood that so often escapes us as adults.
Twichery Tangerine Happiness opens you up to childlike joy in spite of adulthood responsibilities.
Twichery Tangerine Happiness helps you let go of negative thoughts that come from inside and replace them with childlike joy.
Twichery Tangerine Happiness is our own special formula for bringing you the simple joy of childhood back again.

Tangerine Happiness: Lighten Up Your Life in One Magickally Fruity Swoop!

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Twichery Tangerine Happiness Oil is formulated to open your heart to your own higher and more joyful and childlike emotions. Sometimes life gets so serious and getting our minds off of our problems feels impossible without drugs. But that's not the way it was when we were younger. The simple and magickal joys of life were easy to see and to appreciate. YOUR spell with Twichery Tangerine Happiness Oil will open you up to that old familiar and youthful joy that has lately become so unfamiliar.

The fragrance of this lovely oil is a gigantic burst of tangerine a couple subtle notes of grapefruit and lime, and an ever-so-tiny touch of spearmint to accentuate the sweet.

Fill up your senses with the childlike happiness We are so excited to hear about your experiences with our luscious Tangerine Happiness Oil!



You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery Tangerine Happiness Oil

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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