Prismatic Full Moonspin from Athena's Cosmic Twines
Prismatic Full Moonspin from Athena's Cosmic Twines

Prismatic Full Moonspin from Athena's Cosmic Twines

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No Full Moon? No Problem!
Our Prismatic Full Moonspin is perfect when you need a full moon in a pinch. We lovingly hand-spin and seal the light energy of the full moon into every fiber of our luscious Prismatic Full magical moonspun twines. Perfect for use with your next special intention, spellwork or any other witchy purpose requiring the light of a full moon.  
We drop-spin deosil the 100% wool and moonlight fiber of every spool, outdoors in full moonlight on the night specified and sold in the standard cord magic length of 9 feet plus some. (Custom lengths and/or widdershins spinning available upon request.) Each deosil-wound spool comes labeled with its specific moon, date of spinning, and the name of the spinner who lovingly spun it. 
Please see our other listings for waxing, waning and new moon twines. Or feel free to contact us to custom spin the cosmic magic of whatever date you choose into the wool of your choice. Whatever your needs, Athena's has the perfect moonspin for YOU!   
By Knot of One, This Spell's Begun!

Athena's Cosmic Twines: Making Your Magick Even More Magical!

Note: Any irregularities and inconsistencies in the spin, texture and color of each twine are the charming result of good old-fashioned human interaction with the natural wool fibers and are intended to be celebrated, appreciated, and enjoyed.

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