Twichery Lucky Shot Gun Oil is a full-synthetic oil for your gun that is super charged with crystals and magickal herbs.
Twichery Lucky Shot Gun Oil is an extra slick, extra potent oil lubricant to sharpen your shot using pure traditional Hoodoo magick.
Hit your mark every time with Twichery Lucky Shot Gun Oil, fortified and charged with herbs and crystals for luck and prosperity.

Lucky Shot Gun Oil: Sharpen Your Aim and Your Luck with Our Lucky Shot Gun Oil-Lubricant!

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I had to pester my great uncle about this multi-generational family-secret formula for a good long time. After much travail, I am thrilled to FINALLY be able to present it to you here!

Combined with your own special gun-cleaning ritual, Twichery's ultra-slick Lucky Shot Gun Oil-Lubricant adds the lucky magickal edge to your game that no other lubricant on the market can possibly provide.

In full moonlight we fortify and charge each and every drop of our Lucky Shot Gun Oil using the most powerful luck and prosperity herbs and crystals available (none of which I can reveal because that was great uncle's one inviolable stipulation).

We further charge and fortify with herbs and crystals that steady the hand, sharpen the mind, and awaken all the senses.

(Note: This oil is NOT for use on skin! Nor should it, under any circumstances, be taken internally.) (Note: There are no herbs or crystals themselves in the oil; only the energy of the herbs and crystals through the process of energetically charging it.)

One single drop of our Lucky Shot Gun Oil will not only keep the mechanism of your weapon running like a Patek Philippe but keep you yourself at your most mentally sharp and in tune with your target.

DIRECTIONS: Starting with a totally clean and stable work surface, remove all external distractions and give your whole attention to the task of cleaning your gun as if it were a meditation. As with any magical oil, once you have established your intention and with the blessing of your metaphysical sources, carefully remove any fingerprints and/or dust with a dry silicone cloth and clean the gun according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Afterward, apply a TINY amount of Twichery's Lucky Shot Oil to a separate silicone cloth and lightly dress all external metal surfaces.

Remember that a MINIMAL ceremonial amount of Lucky Shot with your meditative intention (and incantation or mantra if you have one) is all that's needed to sharpen your focus and consecrate your gun to its purpose.

Ingredients I can disclose (without revealing the family secret): Motor Oil 10-30, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Original STP, Hoppe's Solvent, Dragon's Blood Spiritual Elixir Blend




You Will Receive

One 2 oz. bottle of Twichery Lucky Shot Gun Oil. Comes in a plastic squeeze-bottle.


Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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