Healing Oil, Twichery, Hoodoo, Wicca, 1/2 oz, Pagan, emotional pain, sorrow, ailments, anxiety, Voodoo, Witchcraft
Healing Oil, Twichery, Art, Hoodoo, Root, Root work, Mint, Health-promoting, Powerful, protection Anointing, Dressing
Healing Oil, Twichery, Art, Root, Love, Money, Jinx Removing, Anointing, Santeria, Ailments, Anxiety, PTSD

Healing Oil: For Blessing Others, Healing from Heartbreak, Sorrow, Grief

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Emotional Healing is On Its Way!

You've probably noticed that emotional pain is as real and as physical as pain gets.

Losing a loved one, losing a job, disappointed expectations . . . all of these can amount to a lot of grief and sorrow, especially if they're not treated in a timely, individual and personal way.

Give yourself the opportunity to heal with our Healing Oil. If you keep our Healing Oil n your purse or pocket, you can begin processing your hurts IMMEDIATELY, even if you're in a busy situation at work or unable to get the alone time you need right away.

We've made this formula extra potent so you don't even need to put it on. Just pat your pocket and breathe in deeply as a reminder that your angels are here to help and so are we.

You'll notice that different parts of your body will hurt if you have experienced a loss. That's usually where the emotional pain is being stored as well, so anoint your heart when you have a heartbreak. If your mind won't calm down, anoint your temples. If you can't breathe, anoint your chest.

Our Healing Oil is especially useful when used as part of a blessing ritual. If a loved one will anoint your feet with this oil while you breathe deeply, you will start to feel a lightening to your body, mind and spirit.

Life is tough! Please let us know how our Healing Oil helps YOU on your pathway to emotional healing and we'll share it right here on the listing so others can benefit and be blessed by your story.


You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Healing Conjure Oil



Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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