Twichery Gentle Parenting Oils Trio is for kindly and magickally helping young children grow and develop.
Twichery Play Nicely, Obey Me, and Sleep Tight Oils for making your parenting both gentle and magickal.

Gentle Parenting Trio .5 oz/each Obey Me, Play Nicely, & Sleep Tight

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Introducing Twichery's Gentle Parenting Trio!

Wouldn't it be great if magick could be as gentle as it is effective? Well now it is with Twichery's Gentle Parenting Trio.

Twichery's Gentle Parenting Oils are formulated to be both helpful AND loving both to your children AND to you.

It's likely that MOST of us found ourselves saying (of course BEFORE we had kids of our own), "My child will never [you name it]" only later to be horrified that our kids could have written the book on [you name it].

Twichery Gentle Parenting Oils are a soothing yet effective way to help your children become their best selves and for you to work your own parenting magick within these most delicate and special relationships.

Each Twichery Gentle Parenting Oil is a combination of gentle sunflower oil with a special blend of key essential oils in a very small quantity so as not to be overpowering to your child's sensitive nose. Not only do their fragrances and magickal properties soothe our children's more wild impulses when necessary, but they SOOTH US and our tempers as well.

If your children have skin sensitivities to essential oils, they can certainly be used for candle-dressing purposes. But they can also simply be rubbed on your own hands as you whisper your intention to yourself or your prayer to your deity or guide. Breathe in the fragrance of each oil, and when you find yourself peaceful and calm inside your own heart, lovingly call your child to you or approach him or her and place the child on your lap. Request in your heart that your deity guide you in your words, whatever they may be.

These tender oils are most effective when used OFTEN and in this way as a moment for bonding and positive associations between parent and child.

You Will Receive

Three .5 oz. (15ml) bottles of Gentle Parenting Conjure Oil: Obey Me, Play Nicely, and Sleep Tight


Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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