February 2020 Magickal Care Package: All for the Glory of Love!

February 2020 Magickal Care Package: All for the Glory of Love!

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In January we cut out and cleared out old habits, patterns, and relationships that were keeping us in bondage to 2019. After that sigh of relief (and a very short break), it's time to fill that now-cleaned-up space with fresh life and love with the help of Twichery's February 2020 Glory of Love Magickal Care Package!

So what kind of new life and love did YOU make room to attract in 2020?

Libby (a dear customer in Tennessee) and her husband Bill cut and cleared old beliefs that kept their communication superficial. In February, their Glory of Love Ritual (using Twichery Cleopatra Oil) will light their new path through counseling and a deepening of their relationship.

Jim in NYC cut out and cleared himself of an old relationship from years ago. In February his Glory of Love Ritual will be filling that empty space with starting to date again, using Twichery Come To Me Oil.

What Will Come in YOUR Glory of Love Package?

Only YOU know what kind of love you're ready for. So when you order your February package, you will find a space to include a message for special instructions. It's in that spot you'll tell me which Twichery love oil you're ordering with your package. (Note: If you don't leave me a message there, then I will take it as your ordering Twichery Come To Me Oil as the default.) The following is a brief guide so you can choose your oil (or oils) wisely.

(Note: Oils can indeed be combined. Just add each item you'd like to your cart and it will come right with your February Glory of Love Package.)

Chuparrosa Oil--For matchmaking, long-term romance, and a stable monogamous relationship.

Follow Me Boy--For faithfulness and slavish devotion from your partner.

Come To Me--To attract new romance.

Wicked Seduction--To seduce your target.

Lavender Passion--To attract a partner of the same sex.

Cleopatra--To reignite an old flame and infuse it with fresh passion.

Stay With Me--To get your target to stay the night with you.

Road Opener--To pave the way for greater self-love

All Night Long--For sexual stamina that literally lasts all. Night. Long.

Fire of Love--For the most passionate lovemaking of your life.

Dark Sacred Night--For rituals involving sex (especially Tantric sex).

Come Back to Me--To bring back a lost love.

Pickup Artist--To up your PUA skills with minimal effort and virtuoso results. 


This listing contains the following:

15ml (.5-oz) Twichery Come To Me Oil OR another Twichery love oil of your choice. (Remember to make a note of it in your order!)

2-oz Twichery Love Attraction Bath Salts

Plain brown paper for packaging and spell-casting purposes

2 love spell candles

Twichery Glory of Love Spell Instructions

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