Graveyard Dirt Oil TYPE 2: For Ethical Dark Arts Spells/Rituals
Graveyard Dirt Oil, Twichery, Botanica, Witchery, candles, Hoodoo Voodoo, Traditional Hoodoo, Increase strength, protection
Graveyard Dirt Oil, Twichery, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Protection, Mojo, torches, bath salt,

Graveyard Dirt Oil TYPE 2: For Ethical Dark Arts Spells/Rituals

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Twichery TYPE 2 Graveyard Dirt Oil comes from graveyard dirt was taken (again at midnight) from the grave of a sane and wise dark witch. I only know that because I was specifically dowsing for soil suitable for wisely-placed dark magic spells and was led to it by the sister herself as I entered the cemetery.

I had been on many such excursions to cemeteries and up to that point hadn't found a suitable grave. I had found plenty out-of-control-angry spirits plenty willing to give me their dirt, but I couldn't be having such random energy for just general dark magic purposes. I didn't have a psychologist there psychoanalyzing her, of course, but she was articulate and intelligent and really knew her stuff, so I gratefully accepted soil from all four corners of her grave site where she was buried after such a long search. She was indeed a lovely person who knows her Craft.

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