Twichery Banishing Powder is for candle dressing and spell casting involving the banishing of spirits from PLACES. Hoodoo Voodoo Wicca Pagan Traditional Witchcraft
Twichery Banishing Powder is for banishing spirits from inhabiting and haunting. Hoodoo Voodoo Wicca Pagan Traditional Witchcraft

Banishing Powder

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For Banishing Unwanted Entities, Egregores, Demons from PLACES.

Note: This product is primarily for candle dressing and spell-casting. It is not for use on skin nor to be taken internally.

Note: Twichery Banishing Powder is specifically formulated for casting Spirits, Demons and Ghosts out of PLACES. (For casting demons out of people/animals, see our Exorcism products.)

Twichery Banishing Powder is excellent for spaces you wish to consecrate (aka "space clearing"). Excellent for Feng Shui.

Use Twichery Banishing Powder when you prepare a circle, move into a new home (or a home that's new to you) or when you have new intentions for a specific location. Set free residual spirits and energies that might detract from your intention so you may consciously invite those you do intend.

Recommended Twichery Oil Companion: Banishing Oil.

It can also be sprinkled around thresholds, archways, and sacred spaces; anywhere you perceive and wish to release unwanted energies. 

Twichery's Banishing Powder also comes in very handy to get rid of bad habits, negative emotions and ineffective patterns that are the result of your space being haunted by a daemon, ghost, deva, or any other kind of spirit entity.

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