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Abramelin Oil for ritual preparation, sacred magic, ceremonial. Twichery root art
Abramelin Oil for ritual kabbala, sacred magic, ceremonial. Twichery root art

Abramelin Oil: Perfectly Balance Masculine and Feminine Energies in Ceremonies, Rituals and Relationships

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True to the original formula of Abramelin the Sage, Twichery's Abramelin oil formula dates back to Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt. The key principle of this oil is that the elements of fire and water are in harmony and balance, so it is the first choice for use in Thelemic, Temple, O.T.O., Tantric, and any other rituals where the perfectly balanced blend of masculine and feminine energies is of paramount importance.

Note: Like any traditional Abramelin Oil, Twichery's blend contains cinnamon and can burn the skin, so take care if using it that way. Most of our clients use it primarily to anoint their altar tools or for censers. Remember that a small token drop in your ritual is all that is required for the purpose of consecration. Use Abramelin Oil to prepare yourself to receive inspiration from your deities and spirit guides. 



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