About Us

Wildcrafted. Witchcrafted. Magick the Way Mother Earth Intended.

It will probably come as no surprise that some of the best-selling so-called "magical oils" are made in factories and have the words "Fragrance" and "D&C Yellow #10" and "Duoprime 70" printed shamelessly on the front label. It would be a terrific joke if it weren't true.

At Twichery, our oils are made by real witches using ACTUAL herbs, roots, flowers, and resins. We make them at HOME. In our KITCHENS. Using traditional Hoodoo formulas that have been passed down for generations. We lovingly hand-craft each bottle FRESH, and only AFTER we've printed up your shipping label.

Wherever possible, we've HAND-GATHERED YOUR INGREDIENTS OURSELVES, IN SEASON, from the local organic gardens of friends who would no sooner spray pesticides on their plants than they would on their children. 

Because YES, we care THAT much! So welcome home, friends, to Twichery, where our motto is Sane, Organic, Ethical, and Wildcrafted Witchcraft the Way Mother Earth Intended. Welcome Home!