Twichery Dragon's Buzz Oil: Our Dragon's Blood Double Dark with Espresso: Provoke Insane Lust. For Tasseomancy, psychic powers, and provoking insane lust. Hoodoo Voodoo Wicca Pagan

Dragon's Buzz: For Tasseomancy, Psychic Powers, Repelling Ghosts & Vampires, Provoking Insane LUST

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Twichery Dragon's Buzz Oil, is our Dragon's Blood Double Dark with the addition of our special espresso-strength shade-grown ground coffee beans. It is also good for compelling uncontrollable LUST and strengthening psychic powers, especially in tasseomancy, and it makes the spell work FASTER.

Note: DO NOT use Twichery Dragon's Buzz within three months of conducting ANY necromancy spell.

Regarding our Double-Dark Dragon's Blood which is in this formula: A friend of mine came over one day while I was making my regular Dragon's Blood Oil (which has always worked wonders) and asked, "Have you ever tried doubling the amount of resin?" I responded, "Why? It works PERFECTLY like this." Then she asked me which kinds of spells I was working with it. Personally I have used it mostly in love and protection spells. "That's the problem. How does it work in Cursing Magick or in highly complex spells?"

Up to that point, I hadn't had the level of success I had hoped for when using the regular concentration in Dark Magick or even highly complex spells, so I started conducting some experiments and found that in regular protection spells, the higher concentration made only a little difference. But where love became the object or the spells were very involved and leaning more toward such activities as controlling, summoning, binding, divination, etc., my Dragon's Blood Double Dark left the regular concentration in the dust.

So I simply doubled the quantity of resin. That's it. And with Dragon's Buzz, we added our special shade-grown espresso-strength coffee beans. Again, think insane LUST (when employed accordingly) or repelling vampires, ghosts. TERRIFIC FOR EXORCISM, especially when combined with our Exorcism Oil. Again, it is DEEPLY bloody, DEEPLY ENCHANTING and DEEPLY EFFECTIVE.

Note: This oil is recommended primarily for experienced practitioners.

And remember: FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY DO NOT use this oil within three months of conducting ANY necromancy spell. And do not, under any circumstances, combine with any Chaos Magick.

(Note: Photo Soon to Come!)

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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