Twichery Wise Woman Quikspell Oil is for magickal wisdom beyond your years, hoodoo, voodoo, wicca, pagan, Witchcraft Made Simple
Twichery Wise Woman Quikspell Oil is for balance and wisdom in your daily life. Overcome crazy impulses. Think with patience. Hoodoo, voodoo, wicca, pagan Witchcraft Made Simple
Twichery Quikspell Oils for Wisdom & Balance are beautifully collectible! Wise Woman Oil pictured with all other Twichery Quikspell Oils! Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, Pagan
Collect all 24 Twichery Quikspell Oils for all your magickal needs, including Wisdom Beyond Your Years! Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, Witchcraft Made Simple

Twichery Wise Woman Quikspell Oil

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For wisdom beyond your years.
Perspective, patience, balance,
maturity, and wise decision making.
Clear, unemotional thinking.
Planning, long-term thinking.

Note: Contains essential oils in 100% pure sunflower oil.

1) Place a dab on your forehead.
2) Focus on your intention for 30 seconds.

Caution: If you are skin-sensitive to essential oils,
we recommend instead a candle dressing spell with this oil.
Got Questions?
If you are uncertain about how to

do a candle dressing spell, click below to purchase our
Wise Woman Simple Spell Kit
that comes with complete instructions!

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