What To Do About An "Unconscious Partner"

What To Do About An "Unconscious Partner"

Question: "What can I do about my boyfriend who constantly resists personal improvement?"

I got this question (see title) from a customer regarding her boyfriend today and here is my answer:

Even if the following isn't literally what happens, it nonetheless serves as a metaphor to explain the disconnect that often occurs between men and women: Human beings are manifestations of GOD. In order to incarnate here on earth, God gets split IN HALF. And one comes out male and the other comes out female. This is what happens when god incarnates into the dense matter of FLESH. 

It is not that men don't want to improve; rather it's that they don't want to us always trying to improve them, least of all according to our own standards. And obviously we don't like it when others try to do that to us either, however "right" they may be.

So the answer is NOT to work on him at all, but rather to visualize and EXPERIENCE the harmony of male and female WITHIN YOUR MIND. This is THE MUST. And do not work on him anymore.

Our eyes take us off the task at hand. What we SEE and experience in the flesh deceives us, so we must focus entirely on what we are seeking (AKA HARMONY) IN THE SPIRITUAL.

This might sound like denial, so let me smash that first. It is not denial. This is CREATION and the CREATION PROCESS. Your CREATION is more real than physical reality. THIS is the work of Gods. THIS perspective is how we play the long game. The long game is more real than the short temporal game.

Neville Goddard can explain it better. I'm sending you a video. Add herbs and candle dressing and go into your trance with it. I would use whichever oil represents the harmony of male and female TO YOU. It can be Wicked Seduction, it can be Spiritual Connection, it can be ANYTHING that best represents it to you.

Then you must NOT let what your eyes see cause you any grief. There is a gestation period. You are the Goddess. You plant the seed and it is growing. Do not pull it up to check on the roots. Visualize harmony and CREATE.

Here's that video. Incorporate all of this into your craft and spells:


This is witchcraft at its finest and most harmonious with The Universe. We cannot go wrong with this.

Let me know when it manifests, love.


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