What To Do With Others' Cursing Spell Remains

What To Do With Others' Cursing Spell Remains

 A dear customer today send me this message that I'm quoting word for word:

"Rowan, I have a question. What is this (see picture above) and what do you have for it? I was going to burn it for now but I know the person will return so what more can I do?

"A lady I don't know drove to my house in her van parked a little up the street and walked to the corner of my yard and threw a red yarn all knotted up. She looked at me and coughed a few times and walked back to her van.

"Then she walked up again and threw another one and I said, "who are you? What are you doing?"

"She sounded like she did a hmmffff sound (like someone does when they are suggesting someone else is stupid) and kept walking. She got in the van and I got up to take a picture but she drove away before I could get a picture of her van."

My Response

I'll start with a little disclaimer here. There are some things I obviously and simply CAN'T know. So my first paragraph to my customer might very well be incorrect; it may have been an entirely different spell from the one I was reminded of when I saw the picture. HOWEVER, it's the SECOND PART of my response here I want you to focus on for this post, and I will highlight it. Here's what I said to her:

"It sounds to me like a Talk To Me Spell. If there is someone you have sought to distance yourself from and they want you to talk to them, it is a possibility that they had this woman perform a Talk To Me Spell in their behalf and with YOU in mind. The woman likely had that same string attached to a voodoo doll representing you and the completion of the spell was to leave this string on your property. This is what it sounds like TO ME.

"That said, there are other things red strings can be used for, obviously. And her purpose was probably entirely different from the one brought to my mind by the photo. Even so, the person paying to have magick worked against you (to get you to do what they want you to do) is someone I personally would rather defend myself against than succumb to. Because it is INDEED an aggressive spell of SOME SORT; whether it be to get you to talk to them, or to interfere with your life, or to MANIPULATE you to get you to do whatever thing.

The very second someone is using magick against me, we are CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY not in a civil conversation and . . . well, for me that's a deal-breaker and the relationship is over."

(A Possible Exception: The attitude of the spell-caster counts! If the lady were smiling when she dropped the string and she were this cute matchmaker personality and she dropped some flowers on the ritual instead of COUGHING on it, then MAYBE you could have some sympathy for the person who is shy and just having a Look Me Over Spell done. But coughing? That is CLEARLY a black intention!)

Can We Know Exactly? Does It Even Matter? NOT. ONE. BIT.

And no, it really DOESN'T matter what their intention was when they act like THAT. It doesn't matter that you don't know who did it or why. The point is someone (whoever it is) has just ANNOUNCED to you that they are trying to get YOU to do something without consulting YOU. Or to put something undesirable upon you. Red. Freaking. Flag, my friend. Red. Freaking. Flag. And that's all you need to know!

I wouldn't worry so much that you're in any danger. There are TWO things I would do: If you feel unsafe, FIRST, I would perform your defensive spell (Reversing or Spell-Breaker or WHATEVER) letting your deities know whatever information you know (i.e. "Hey, this lady just put a curse on me of SOME KIND and totally NOT COOL." And details about it, etc. etc.) 

SECOND, I would simply DECIDE that if you ever DO find out who hasn't got the balls to approach you like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING (but would rather manipulate you via magick instead), that they are already at a disadvantage and you have the upper hand. You can simply dismiss what they have done.

Suffer No Assholes

People tell us all the time, "Don't be a jerk." Or "Be nice." What they should tell you EQUALLY if not MORE is to ALLOW NO ASSHOLERY IN YOUR LIFE FROM ANYONE. 

This is no easy task, OBVIOUSLY.

But the more you PRACTICE self-respect, THE MORE OF IT YOU WILL HAVE.  And the more difficult it will be for others' spells to have any affect on you.

Of course there are exceptions; people we MUST deal with whom we truly can't avoid; like a nasty ex for the sake of the kids. BUT to the degree that we CAN deal with them ON OUR TERMS, the more self-respect we will cultivate until we become the kind of person they simply CAN'T manipulate. And if somebody wants ANYTHING from us, they are simply going to have to start using their WORDS like a freaking GROWN-UP!

What To Do With the String?

If you feel like you do need to do something, then burn the string. And you can do a Reversing Spell or Spell-Breaker or whatever counter-spell you work, burn it and send the ashes away from you in a stream that flows AWAY FROM your house; a TOILET should work perfectly nicely. And OF COURSE DO add whatever "flair" you like to your "toilet ritual." (And of course please DO speculate about what I might mean by that.)

If you don't feel like you need to do something, it probably means you have enough of an upper hand (spiritually) to entirely dismiss it as nothing. 


Blessings to you all, my darling bitches. I love you and I am cheering for you all!

Sincerely, Rowan at Twichery





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