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Discover Your Purpose

If you were born into a religion, it’s very likely that this generic religious path was handed to you and touted as “God’s Plan for You.” 

After a few years of trying to fit into “God’s Plan,” many of us learn that finding one’s purpose isn’t so simple a matter as having it handed to you. In fact, for some people, it seems like they have to come up with that purpose entirely on their own. And this can seem overwhelming.

So here are my best tips for discovering/creating/revealing/finding YOUR own purpose.


The phrase “Follow your bliss” is overly used and has become trite from how much we may have heard it. However, joy is a major key to discovering your purpose.

My recommendation is to START by going back to a time when you weren’t thinking or overly burdened with the responsibilities of adulthood; when you weren’t even asking yourself, “What is my purpose?” For most people this is their youth.

I have an image of myself somewhere near the age of eleven, in my nightgown and bare feet, having created a large circle in my backyard with a garden hose and standing in front of it. I was looking down at it, and feeling like I had something important to do. And I was filled with the wonder of life. I couldn’t explain why I felt such wonder and importance. And I really still can’t. But I can say that, in that moment, I was ONE with everything around me. Even if that might not make any intellectual sense. 

I had forgotten that memory until I found myself once again, in my adult life, creating circles. My family’s religion had covered up the “religion” I had been coming up with naturally on my own. It was nearly 24 years later when I put it all together and realized I am a witch. 

I have memories of altars I made before I started being indoctrinated by man’s religion; I experienced feelings of reverence for the World and the magick of standing on sacred ground with the Earth Mother in the quiet of meadows and woods and the canyon forests of Northern Utah. 

Look back to your youth and find those inexplicable experiences that remind you of ONENESS with the World and with Wonder.


Our teenage years are when we start getting intellectually stunned by the things we learn about the world. What struck you, dear reader? What beauty or feeling of conviction caught your attention and didn’t let go? 

I was in eighth grade when I learned about the Holocaust in Germany and it was like getting punched in the stomach. I realized immediately that the Nazis were just average people who got sucked into something bad, and a resolve awakened in me that I would do everything in my power to become the kind of person who would never behave like that, regardless of any social pressure. 

Ever since that day, I have measured myself with that commitment, looking at my daily actions, and course- correcting always toward doing what I think is right regardless of what anyone else may think, even in the smallest things. Keeping this commitment in mind has made it easy to be willing at any moment to lose a friendship or any person’s approval long before I compromise my integrity.

Only you know your experiences and the times your better nature has called to you and invited you to become your greatest self. Remember these times, as they are clues into your purpose and destiny!


Why should we pay attention to our dreams? Because they are insights into what’s going on in our subconscious. And they’re also insights about how we’re processing the things we experience consciously. Taking notes about your dreams and what they awaken within you.

From childhood I was deeply concerned about the Cold War, and when I got to college, I began having dreams about Russia. In these dreams I was usually in an airport with no luggage and no money, but I had a ticket and I was on my way to Russia. I had this same dream every night for a few weeks and decided it was time to start learning Russian. 

Aside from continuing to teach Russian at my local community college, I don’t have the opportunity to use it as much as I would like, but I consider Russia and Russian a part of my destiny that has not been fully revealed yet. It has been a token to me of the knowledge that I can learn languages when I need to, figure out how to bless and help others when called upon, and that I am a bridge builder between worlds that might not normally get along. So I keep my Russian skills sharp and at the ready. 


You cannot help what resonates with you. You are a complex human being with virtues and vices, and both your virtues and vices need to be acknowledged and reconciled with. 

In my eighth grade social studies class, our teacher put up posters of Greek Gods. My seat happened to be right next to the poster of Aphrodite. By this time, all my teenage insecurities had fully set in, so I stared at her with both awe and despair; awe at her beauty and perfection (as I perceived it), and despair over how “I could never be like that.” I was truly an ugly duckling.

Fast forward 35 years or so and now I am fifty. Just this year on Thanksgiving Day, I’m preparing dinner and at one point I look up into a mirror and see Aphrodite looking back at me in my very own reflection. This was the first time I noticed I had become The Goddesses I had begun worshipping all those years ago.

In reality, Aphrodite is not perfect. She is even sometimes nasty and jealous. The archetypes and gods we resonate with encourage us to embrace what is human within us--the good, the bad, and the ugly. And hopefully we have some other gods as well, just to offset the extremes. (I, luckily, have some Athena and Hestia in me as well, to offset what might be otherwise unbridled vanity, jealousy, and frivolity.)

Our gods and our archetypes are IDEAS, my dears. They can only become physical THROUGH US; our gods ONLY have form through our own incarnation and physical manifestation of them!

So seek to incarnate the gods you admire, and to hone their skills inside of you.


Life’s traumas need to be processed and worked through. Sometimes we can do it by ourselves, and sometimes we need the help of others, including (often) qualified therapists. 

Do NOT allow a trauma to fester and become something you do not transcend. Transcending trauma transforms your bleeding wounds into new flesh, and your emotional wounds into experience, education and greater wisdom that can be shared with your family and community and your future self.

You are stronger than you think you are. Do not allow your wounds to decide what kind of person you are going to become. Let their healing propel you toward becoming the kind of person your best self is destined to become with wise crafting on your part. 

And of course you can message me about any of this. I am not a licensed therapist, but I can certainly tell you where NOT to go. And sometimes that nuge in the non-horrible direction is all you need to get started. 

All of this leaves us with PLENTY of work to do that can often be accomplished by determining a mindset that will serve us and the people we love and the communities wherein we reside. 


Last of all, I would be no kind of business person if I didn’t, in addition to sharing my love and ideas with you, encourage you to BUY something. And of course they are my Dream Oil and my Reveal Oil. 

My Dream Oil is to help reveal your destiny through your dreams/subconsious. And my Reveal Oil I formulated to reveal your destiny through your consciousness and waking hours through epiphanies, insights, and serendipity.

Either way, each, with the help of your Gods and Guides, brings to the surface what is hidden deep within you and encoded into your DNA as a guide for your life. Ask and ye shall receive.

Message me on Instagram, darlings, if you have any questions at all, and I am here for you!

Sincerely, Rowan at Twichery

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